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Friday, August 13, 2010

August Digital and Marketing Job opportunities in Asia

Hello all, it's been a while but here are some of the latest Digital and Marketing job opportunities here in Asia. These are mostly requests coming in from friends, colleagues and affiliates. Feel free to share this with your friend. I am happy to make an introduction for the right talents.

Hong Kong
Global media agency looking for:
- Head of Digital
- Media Planner (min 2 years experience)

Several digital agencies and design house URGENTLY seeking:
- Flash & Animation programmers; 3+ years experience in advanced practical knowledge on Flash action-script 2 and 3 / multimedia planning, programming and development
- Digital Account Directors and Account Managers

Global digital agency currently has several openings for:
- Data Analyst with digital experience
- Strategic Account Directors
- Concept creative
- Brand Insights Planners who are able to craft insights into creative messaging

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Digital and Marketing Job opportunities in Asia (updated June 9, 2010)

More requests came through the past couple weeks on Digital and Marketing job opportunities here in Asia. Again, let me clarify I have not become a headhunter but I do get a lot of calls from friends, colleagues and affiliates. So this post is really intended to help find the right talents at no charge.

Global digital agency looking for:
- Data Analyst with digital experience
- Strategic Account Directors
- Concept Creatives
- Brand Insights Planners who can craft insights into creative messaging

Hong Kong:
Several global digital agencies looking for:
- Flash and Animation Web Programmers; 3+ years experience in advanced practical knowledge Flash actionscripts2 and actionscripts3 / multimedia planning & programming, development
- Digital Account Directors AND Account Managers

ALSO Content Manager: in-house role in financial services, experienced with web integration, regional experience with financial services a plus. 

- Denim Manufacturer looking for GM / Marketing Director
- Global news corporation seeking to appoint Digital Ad Sales partnership

- Media Agency Head of Digital; analytics and optimization knowledge required
- Web developer inviting experienced individuals to join a large web development project: Senior Information Architects, Senior Web Designer, Strategist, Senior Interaction Developer; ideally with experience of TV, Mobile and Web

Feel free to pass this around and let me know if anyone is interested; I will be happy to put anyone through!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Asia Digital and Marketing Job opportunities

Below are a number of digital and marketing job opportunities in the region. No I am have not become a headhunter but I do get a lot of calls from friends, colleagues and affiliates. Feel free to pass this around and let me know if anyone is interested; I will be happy to put anyone through!

Shanghai: Digital agency looking for Strategic Account Directors, Concept Creatives, Brand Insights Planners
Hong Kong: Several digital agencies looking for Flash and Animation Web Programmers
Jakarta: GM / Marketing Director (denim manufacturer); Digital Ad Sales (partnership appointment)
Singapore: Media Agency Head of Digital; analytics and optimization knowledge required

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Basic rules for targeted digital media buy

I came across several digital banners while looking for tonight's TV schedule on AXN, and I was shocked to see quite a few Chinese banners on an English site. I don't even see an option to choose Chinese language on the site. Come on! This is targeting 101.

I am pretty sure they use geo-targeting (or perhaps filtered by regional selection), the two banners I saw are from two large and reputable banks in Hong Kong but should we reasonably assume if visitors are located in Hong Kong then they can read Cantonese?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My view on how important it is to determine psychographics information

I had just shared my view on a question posted on Linkedin. Coincidentally the question ties in with one of my previous post Planning your digital strategy through targeting.

Psychographics is vital for digital marketing today and it is a lot more than just purchase history, frequency and spending power. Its variables are the many attributes relating to personality, values, attitudes, interests or lifestyles. These information will allow you to create the most appropriate and effective engagement for your audience.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What about Digital Marketing in Asia?

Outsell forecasts digital / online marketing spending in the U.S. will overtake print in 2010. Globally companies are losing confidence in traditional marketing and advertising; the economic downturn has also forced advertisers to spend more money on digital as it has better targeted capabilities, more measurable and accountable.

What about in Asia? Newspaper continues to be the most popular medium because generally marketers believe it offers the highest ROI. A recent Nielson study reports that in 2010, Newspaper will continue to lead with highest budget allocation (27%), followed by TV (23%), Internet (13%), Magazines (11%), Event Marketing (10%) and Outdoor (9%). Overall spending is predicted to increase slightly in 2010.We are also expecting to see more social networking activities with 16% of the respondents planning on using social media to connect with consumers.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Planning your Digital Strategy through Targeting

Planning your digital strategy is very much about your targets. We are over-hearing the phase Content is King but what use is the content if it is not for the right audience?

To develop a proper digital strategy, it is vital to have a thorough understanding of your customers. Get your hands on any available research - online, research houses, and even use surveys to find out everything possible about your customers: what are their daily habits, their goals, concerns and sometimes we'll go as far as what they do with their family and friends. These information is not only crucial in setting out a persona, or personas for the customers, but it is also important for planning both customer and user journeys for your web strategy. Having a thorough understanding of your customers will also help set your channel strategy and targeted media so you're not wasting your money on media that isn't for the right target audience.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Combating negative publicity

I have worked with many clients who would freak out whenever there is a negative publicity about their company or services. Once we were a day before a through the line campaign launch and a negative piece, an unfair claim against client's negligence went on frontpage headline with a local paper and everyone went into panic mode. The newspaper offered to interview our client - a chance to clarify the situation but the board decided it was best to lay low on the matter - hoping it would go away.

Well it did - after putting all media on hold and changing some of the marketing messages from targeted to generic. At the same time we also lost the perfect opportunity to turn a negative situation into positive, and put multi-channel marketing into work by creating not just strong brand awareness but education to the public too on a product the market had very little knowledge of.

Search Basics for Digital Marketing in Asia

I first came into contact with SEO with an investment client back in 2003. I was running my own marketing firm then with 50% of our businesses devoted to web building. When we had the 7 languages site up and running, client requested to have the site listed as top ranking on major search engines.

I had no idea how to do it. Naturally I Googled for a solution. I found a local consulting company who had the capability and negotiated a great deal. Client provided a wish list containing keywords that were highly competitive but just a couple weeks later, the site was listed top ranking under most of the keywords. But almost immediately we had to cut the contract - method used was far less than acceptable.

He had used a cheating page whereby all the keywords were present without making any sense. This is a method widely used in the old days but no longer acceptable by search engines today and even at the time, there was real risk of client's site being banned.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Transforming a web developer into a digital marketing consultant

The company has been developing web for ten years. It went from a team of 30 to close to 100 in 18 months without a proper structure. Transformation is all possible but first you gotta have a plan. Hiring blindly and going for the cheap labor is definitely not the way to go.

Web marketing is delicate and requires in-depth knowledge and expertise. Just because you got years of experience in developing websites does not make you a web marketer - not today anyways. We all know that today people no longer come to your website and take things as you said. It's about how convincing and how well you are able to engage your users. To be able to do that, you need to know your audience - inside out.

My first day in Shanghai and assigned tasks

My 1st morning in Shanghai I woke up to heavy drilling and hammering noises. It was 7 am. My room was on the 3rd floor and turned out the building next door was getting renovated to be a service apartment. Similar to preps on Beijing Olympics, Shanghai construction work would have to stop by 1st quarter of 2010 before the Shanghai World Expo's opening in May. A friend later on told me she's awaken at dawn each day with the construction site next door - so I guess an extra hour is a blessing.

Just days before snow storm had hit Beijing pretty hard for the first time last year. No snow in Shanghai but it was very cold to me; about 10 degree Celsius during day, dropping to a few degrees at night. I had been away from cold countries for a long time and not acceptable to low temperature any more.

Arriving Shanghai on a digital marketing consultancy project

Back in November I was invited to take on a consulting assignment in Shanghai and I happily accepted because the invite came from an ex-boss for whom I have a lot of respect - an English gentleman who is a true digital wizard. I also wanted to check out what it was like to live and work in China. It was a project for a digital marketing consultancy company.

I headed up to Shanghai on November 2. To my surprise, airport looks very similar to Hong Kong airport. I had to take the elevator down to the taxi stand and as I arrived on the lower level, I followed the sign to taxi stand; a man stopped me and told me it was easier to catch a taxi from departure level, especially during rush hours. Ah yes, indeed it's the same way in Hong Kong and in Indonesia. So I went back up to departure hall with him. He told me he worked at the airport and was getting off work. He was very nice even carried my super over-weighted bag for me. I asked him how much taxi fare would cost and he told me about 200 Yuan - that was about right, motel manager also told me the same.