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Saturday, January 22, 2011

How CMS and SEO should compliment each other

Last week I was posted with the question how would CMS help with SEO and is it just the ability to make the names of sections SEO compliant.

My answer to that was: absolutely not.

CMS can do far more than that.

Quality content and optimized search = conversion traffic

A good CMS today will be vital to our search ranking success. The keys factors to SEO are: keywords, title tags, meta tags, anchor text, in/out links and good content.

Content is King and whilst you are optimizing your content to get your ranking high, your competitors are doing the same hence you are constantly optimizing your content to outrank competitors. It’s important to have the flexibility to change content speedily and easily so obviously CMS allows you to do just that as often as you’d like and efficiently. For example, once you have identified the keywords that are performing well in ppc, you should incorporate those keywords into your content and shift the money you pay for those keywords into buying something else - hence optimizing search marketing and better ROIs. As your business grow bigger staying on top will become a necessity and this practice a constant.