Marketing consultants come in many forms.
AsiaMarketeers specializes in driving sales through your digital or e-marketing channels
by thinking thoroughly about the marketing ideas and how your money is spent.
I'll talk to you, your employees and your customers before building a strategy and recommending any changes. This might sound obvious, but look around - it isn't.
We are also big on measurements and analytics; by measuring
your marketing efforts we can optimize for better marketing investments.

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About Asia Marketeers

Asia Marketeers is a company I founded to provide digital and e-marketing consultancy services to clients and agencies in the Asia Pacific region. I have been a consultant working with large and small businesses in Asia since 2000, and had successes in creating digital and through the line marketing plans and campaigns for them. Clients come to me when they need to make a change. They want to move the job of growing sales off their shoulders and into a digital marketing program that is consistent and measurable; that isn't dependent on them for the next idea or campaign.

As Founder and Principal Consultant for Asia Marketeers, I help businesses take that step by leading in development of digital and through the line strategies, targeting, marketing planning and budgeting for clients. I will determine and allocate appropriate experts as required by your business needs. How we accomplish our goals depends on what suits your business best. 

Cool ideas implemented well aren't good enough if they aren't pushing any buttons.

When you hire us you get me. My job isn't just to manage a network of consultants or web developers, it is to grow your business by developing the most suitable digital marketing plan for your business. We are also big on measurements and analytics. Through data we get to analyze your results and optimize for the best return of your marketing dollars. Without these, your website, mailers or advertisements are a waste of money.

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