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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What about Digital Marketing in Asia?

Outsell forecasts digital / online marketing spending in the U.S. will overtake print in 2010. Globally companies are losing confidence in traditional marketing and advertising; the economic downturn has also forced advertisers to spend more money on digital as it has better targeted capabilities, more measurable and accountable.

What about in Asia? Newspaper continues to be the most popular medium because generally marketers believe it offers the highest ROI. A recent Nielson study reports that in 2010, Newspaper will continue to lead with highest budget allocation (27%), followed by TV (23%), Internet (13%), Magazines (11%), Event Marketing (10%) and Outdoor (9%). Overall spending is predicted to increase slightly in 2010.We are also expecting to see more social networking activities with 16% of the respondents planning on using social media to connect with consumers.
We are no where close to overtaking print here in Asia but we are definitely catching up quickly. Four years ago when I first returned to Hong Kong, many clients were asking to "test the water" by allocating small budgets into small size digital campaigns. As time went by budget increased, and so did frequency of the campaigns. By 2007 few clients were already quite familiar with media and campaign and using more advanced techniques like AB or Multi-Variable testings.

Online ad spend in South East Asia alone was predicted to reach US$200 million by 2010, led mostly by increases in display advertising activities with Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines responsible for as much as 90% of the south east Asia region’s market growth over the next five years.

With three more quarters to go, let's see how well all the 2010 predictions will turn out!

So where do you think digital marketing in Asia will go?

In reference to: Outsell Inc. :: Marketers’ Digital Spending to Overtake Print for First Time Ever, According to Outsell, Inc. (view on Google Sidewiki)

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