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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Basic rules for targeted digital media buy

I came across several digital banners while looking for tonight's TV schedule on AXN, and I was shocked to see quite a few Chinese banners on an English site. I don't even see an option to choose Chinese language on the site. Come on! This is targeting 101.

I am pretty sure they use geo-targeting (or perhaps filtered by regional selection), the two banners I saw are from two large and reputable banks in Hong Kong but should we reasonably assume if visitors are located in Hong Kong then they can read Cantonese?

My curiosity kicked in and I went onto Alexa; a 3 months average reach is 0.001 and 1.1% of it's site traffic is contributed from Hong Kong. That, calculated from the estimated number of global internet users (ref: World Internet Usage Statistics) is a little less than 20,000. I wonder how many of these people will click onto the banners - furthermore how many will become leads or even convert. Banner buy alone in Asia is already quite low generally at 0.5% click through rate; in this case, you are already loosing people on driving awareness, so it will be even more difficult to move people further down into your sales funnel.

If we are serious about digital marketing, we've got to do better than this.

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